Sunday, October 12, 2008

Ratty Johnson owns (insert name) @ DU Edition

Well the boys didn't do so well this weekend, but hey its a new week and its time to start WCHA play on the road at Denver.

To honor the new season, here at our humble blog I'm going to have a new feature each week, called Ratty Johnson owns (blank). Last season young Patrick Johnson burst onto the scene and played well beyond his size, owning opponents throughout the WCHA, most notably Sioux goon Joe Finley. I heard the Washington Capitals wouldn't sign him because he is an embrassment to their organization. Anyway, each week we have a WCHA opponent I'll have a poll for our readers to vote on who Patrick should own during that week's upcoming series. Maybe Ratty actually reads the blog and will follow our advice.

This week's opponent is Denver University, my pick to win the WCHA and the MacNaughton. This week I'm not going to give Ratty more than one option. For followers of our blog, you might remember Patrick Wiercioch and his decommitment from his verbal commitment for the 2009 season. Patrick decided to defect to DU after David Carle's hockey career came to an unfortunate end and a scholarship opened.

Right after it happened I was of the opinion that its a consequence of his sky rocketing draft status and for the future of his hockey career its was the best decision for him. Over time, my opinion changed (Dplaya at HIW helped turn me to the dark side), and now I say its time for him to pay up in the world of hockey justice for his turning his back on the Cardinal and White. And what better person to "own" Patrick Who? then another Patrick, our own Ratty Johnson.

So this week's version of Ratty Johnson owns (insert name), is when will Ratty own Patrick Wiercioch.

Oh yeah, Patrick Who? your mom called and needs the grease from your hair to cook dinner.

Kick some ass this weekend guys, I'll be there friday night to cheer you on!