Wednesday, October 29, 2008

"The best officials in college hockey . . . "

After reading Nicole's comments, I started wondering what the 4th official was doing during the Grotting/White fight. So I took a look at the youtube video -- it appears that both linesman were separating the other guys that were already on the ice, Marco Hunt was writing feverishly in his notebook, and Baby Shep was doing absolutely nothing. Hunt eventually did stop writing in his notebook to skate over and just look at Grotting/White for a bit before finally doing something. I can't figure out who's more clueless/useless -- Hunt or Baby Shep.

What a bunch of clowns.

Western College Hockey
had a post the other day that included a Mark Chambers blog post for the Denver Post where George Gwozdecky questioned whether Hunt had done enough to protect a player. Here's the Radke/Vossburg fight youtube video. You can see Hunt standing there watching, even after the players were down on the ice. He passively waited until the first linesman and then the 2nd linesman made their way over to break up the fight. Gwozdecky was concerned enough about his player to step on the ice himself and appears to have been almost to the fight before the 2 linesman were able to break it up.

At the end of his post, Chambers wonders if Hunt would have broken up the fight if another official were handling the penalty notebook. But clearly a 2nd referee didn't help matters, as Hunt still wrote in his notebook and Shep did absolutely nothing.

Yeah, what a bunch of clowns.

I wonder what Daddy Shep and Bruce McLeod think about this officiating mess. I'm guessing they'll maintain that the WCHA has "the best officials in college hockey" . . .

(Portrait courtesy of The Hallucination)