Thursday, May 8, 2008

Update: Badgers in Halifax

Burish has a fourth blog entry, and this time he gives a little peek at Game Day.

This evening Team USA defeated Germany 6-4. has game notes, a game blog, and a game recap. I like the game blogs, as they include "what we've learned", "glass half empty" and "glass half full" after each game. You can also read's recap.

After barely defeating the US earlier this week, Canada barely defeated Norway this afternoon by a score of 2-1. And believe it of not, Dany Heatley was held off the scoresheet. Here are the game recap and the game recap.

And, as always, I have Badger stats: .
15 F HEATLEY Dany 0G 0A, 0PIM, 4SOG, E, 16:33 TOI (22shf, 0:45 avg)
37 F BURISH Adam 0G 0A, 0PIM, 0SOG, E, 3:23 TOI (3 shf, 1:07 avg)
77 D GILBERT Tom 0G 0A, 0PIM, 1SOG, E, 15:34 TOI (21 shf, 0:44 avg)

Next up . . .
CAN - GER 5/10 @ 2:30 PM CDT
USA - FIN 5/11 @ 2:30 PM CDT
CAN - FIN 5/12 @ 2:30 PM CDT
USA - NOR 5/12 @ 10:30 PM CDT