Friday, May 9, 2008

KP Watch

Yesterday, KP was in Fairbanks for a campus interview and public forum. Over on the uscho fan forum, one of the posters who attended the forum shared highlights of KP's presentation. (Thanks for sharing, Wondering.)

In today's Newsminer, KP makes his case as to why he is the right man for the job. He emphasized that he wanted the job last year and that he still wants it and that he's passionate about Nanook Hockey. Smart move on his part, as Dallas Ferguson is a Nanook alum and clearly passionate about Nanook Hockey.

He addressed the issue that the new head coach would be the 3rd head coach for some of the players, and he talked about how he would approach the players. He also addressed the over-recruiting issues and how he would address the large number of players and the competition for ice time.

I gotta tell ya, I think KP made a pretty good case for himself.

The Nanooks will announce their selection sometime next week.

Edited to add: Baggot's blog entry