Sunday, May 4, 2008

Great Matt Thurber Article

Thanks to HIW for the link to a very nice article about Matt Thurber in a local Omaha paper.

I won't lie that out of all 6 freshmen coming in next season that Matt is definately the player I'm most excited to see play. That is taking nothing away from his future teammates in the class, but its just a gut feeling I have about Matt.

Right before the NCAA Regional I met another Badger Hockey fan (the famous DCB) up in Green Bay to catch the Gamblers versus the Omaha Lancers. I was going to see 4 future recruits play, besides Matt, I wanted to see Patrick Wiercioch, Ryan Little and Aaron Crandall, but really I was going to see this future Badger playmaker foremost. Well Crandall was not in net for the Gamblers and Matt was out w/ the flu for Omaha. Still glad I was able to see a preview of two future blue liners though.

I was disappointed, but illness happens, and now the suspense is building for me for next season. Reading this article has me excited, the transition between seasons for the Badgers might be in full swing, but I can't wait for next season already.

I think Matt is going to be a special player for the Badgers, maybe not out of the gates, but once he gets the feel for the WCHA, I think he will a consistent playmaker who plays a pivotal role in the Cardinal and White for the next several seasons.