Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Chris Hickey to wear Cardinal and White this Fall

60, I can answer your post for you, Chris Hickey is indeed coming to Wisconsin this Fall, per Todd at TCT, and will be part of the now 7 strong 2008 Class.

I'll point out that I said the following last month during a post about the forwards for next season:

"I have a feeling that Chris Hickey will still be on the team next season, no actual reason to think that, other than a gut feeling."

Glad that rang true. We have a pretty full house at forward now, and as Todd speculated in his blog post, is someone else leaving? Right now that puts the roster at 29 Badgers for 2008/2009. The only likely candidates to leave in my mind are Tom Gorowsky and Zach Bearson because of playing time. I certainly hope that is not the case though. W/ Geoffrion and Street apparently staying to Captain the team, I don't see anyone else leaving early.