Monday, May 12, 2008

A few Monday evening links

  • Not much news on the KP Watch front, but I stumbled across a couple of links that I missed before. On his Newsminer blog, Adam Raeder has some thoughts, and he's taking fan votes for the new head coach.
  • Today in his blog, Todd talks about our Clark Cup Badgers and Badger alumni currently playing in the post-season. His post also contains links to final season stats for Badger recruits and alumni. (Thanks, Todd!)
  • In the uscho women's hockey forum, Hux has a list of summer camp participants for Team Canada. Scanning the lists, the U22 includes current Badgers Alycia Matthews, Mallory Deluce, and Jasmine Giles, as well as future Badger Carolyne Prevost. (I hope I didn't miss anyone; please let me know if I did.)