Thursday, May 8, 2008

Badger Women's Team News

Someday in the future (distant or near) nubeetle will start doing his part to cover our outstanding Women's Hockey team, I guess for now you are stuck w/ me and 60min.

This is older news, but Mark Johnson has been selected to coach the U.S. Women's U18 team.

Also the Women's team handed out awards. I've only recently seen how enjoyable the Women's team is so I'm still learning the players, but Hillary Knight was named Rookie of the Year. The one game I did attend this season, she made a sick move to score a goal, I instantly became a fan.

I'm really looking forward to becoming a regular attendee of Women's game next season. For how good they are they need more support, and I urge all Men's fans to use your ticket stub from a friday night game and attend a Women's game on saturday when the schedule falls allowing such to occur. Or hell just show up regardless!