Monday, May 5, 2008

Jamie McBain back for another year?

(Photo courtesy of Redheat15) Milewski reports that Jamie McBain has said he'll be donning the Cardinal and White for another season. Since he'll be the only upperclassman on D next season, this is huge news.

Apparently, for the time being at least, the Hurricanes feel it would be in Jamie's best interest to return for another season. Now, the 'Canes could certainly change their mind before October. I don't follow the 'Canes much, but it sounds like they still need to figure out what they're doing with 4 or 5 free agents on D. (Or so wojo says, and I believe everything wojo tells me.) So that could affect things, as could Jamie's performance at the prospects camp this summer. So I don't really think "the book is closed", as Todd says, or at least not completely closed.

Nonetheless, I think Jamie's statements and Carolina's statements are a good indication that Jamie is mostly likely to be back. And that makes me a Happy Badger.