Saturday, May 3, 2008

Saturday Afternoon Link-O-Rama

Looks like this will be a shorter-than-usual link-o-rama, because I already did separate posts for some other items today.

  • KP Watch update . . . phone interviews for the UAF position were completed Wednesday and Thursday, and the field of 7 candidates has been reduced to 2+ finalists . . . Karr has not said how many finalists have been selected, except for that it's "at least 2" . . . He is not releasing the names "because two of them have to discuss the matter with their families and current employers" . . . finalists will visit the campus Thursday and Friday, so I would expect the finalists to be announced early next week . . . with the new head coach expected to be named the following week . . .
  • And this is not really related to Badger Hockey . . . although if pushed I'll make the argument that it is because Rafalski and Chelios play for the Wings . . . but I found it a bit bizarre and thought I'd include it for your reading enjoyment . . . (also, I didn't want to do a linkorama with only 2 items, and I'm too lazy to look for a 3rd item to include, although I'm sure I'll think of something obvious later . . . )
NHL bans octopus swinging; $10,000 fine for offenders

Details were scarce Friday, but the Wings have been told by the NHL that head octopus wrangler Al Sobotka no longer may swing the mollusks over his head while removing them from the ice at Joe Louis Arena. If he (or anyone else) does, the team will be fined $10,000.

That's $1,250 per tentacle.

In an e-mail to the Free Press, NHL spokesman Frank Brown gave this explanation: "Because matter flies off the octopus and gets on the ice when he does it." The Wings wouldn't comment.

Ducks general manager Brian Burke complained about Sobotka's swinging last year. Before Friday's game, an octopus landed on the ice, as usual, and Nashville defenseman Greg Zanon whacked it aside with his stick.

Edit: After posting the octopus swinging item to get 3 items in this little linkorama, I knew I'd come up with at least 1 more item at some point today. And sure enough, I did.