Saturday, May 3, 2008

Erika Lawler, Unsung Hero

(Photos from courtesy of Phillip MacCallum)

The folks at Beyond the Dashers made the trip to China last month for the IIHF World Women's Championships. And on their blog they gave out BTD All-Tourney Honors. They named Erika Lawler as the Unsung Hero for her excellent vision, solid defense, and superior puck handling. I would have to think that Lawler's competitive drive (does she ever stop working during a game?) had something to do with this, too. Yes, I know BTD was started by Badger Fans, but they seem to be pretty objective, so I think it's pretty cool they gave this award to Erika.

By the way, I've added Beyond the Dashers to our list of WCHA/NCAA links. BTD covers women's college hockey news, polls and rankings, and D-I and D-III commitments.