Wednesday, May 7, 2008

"It was a tough year on a lot of fronts"

Mike Eaves recently made the above statement about the WCHA last season. You can read Andy Baggot's blog post, but here are last season's main WCHA debacles:
  • Officiating mistakes. And not just ordinary officiating mistakes, because no one is perfect. But really really bad officiating mistakes. To the extent that the WCHA had to issue apologies to the teams involved. Wisconsin got an apology, and St. Cloud got one, too. Of course, there is no factor in the PWR to account for WCHA apologies.
  • Officials losing control of the game. Eaves thought the officials let thinks get too far out of hand v. North Dakota. And haven't we all seen Baby Shep lose control of a game? Honestly, I think a better question is "Who's seen Baby Shep actually keep control of a game?".
  • The UMD's women's team using a player who is allegedly ineligible. The WCHA and the NCAA have yet to do anything about it, and UMD ended up winning the WCHA and NCAA championships. This should have been investigated immediately, and the appropriate sanctions should have been taken at that time. To ignore the issue and award a national title without addressing the issue is ridiculous. (Nubeetle is monitoring this issue, and I expect he'll let us know as soon as any NCAA announcements are made.)