Sunday, May 25, 2008

A couple Stanley Cup bits

I (gasp) haven't been following the Stanley Cup as closely as I should be (hangs head), especially given that my Wings are playing, with Brian Rafalski and (sometimes) Chris Chelios. But the Wings won Game 1 last night (yay!), with 3 Swedish goals and 1 non-Swedish goal. Cheli didn't play last night -- he missed the previous game due to a leg injury, and apparently the Wings are sticking with their winning line-up. The print WSJ had a blurb about Cheli and a quote, but I can't find it in the WSJ online. Luckily, DPlaya is on the ball and found a similar blurb in the USA Today. Cheli skated yesterday with his 18-y.o. son Dean who's preparing for a USHL tryout, and he claims to be ok with sitting out (which I have a hard time believing, because he hates not playing).

Baggot has a Badger Blog post about Badger ties in the Stanley Cup Finals. Besides Chelios and Rafalski, his post also mentions Bob Johnson, Mark Johnson, Mike Eaves, Mike Blaisdell, and Brendan Smith.

I'm going to have to stop being lazy at some point here and post a little tribute to Brian Rafalski at some time. Or at least a linkorama. Perhaps after the Finals are complete . . .