Wednesday, May 7, 2008

INCH's Top 10 for 2008/2009

Last week I posted CHN's projected Top 10, so I guess I should include INCH's, but only because they gave us a favorable ranking.

They rank us #7, CHN and SI had previously ranked Wisconsin #8. Of course this is all irrelevant, but it nice to see our young defense core get some praise from various outlets. Jamie McBain and Ryan McDonagh are consistently being recognized as a force to be reckoned w/ next season and for good reason!

I normally boycott INCH because of the following comments they made following the regional:

"The Kohl Center announcer had to remind Wisconsin fans not to throw objects, like coins onto the ice surface. Honestly, it's something hockey fans shouldn't have to be told. Please stick to hats in the future, Badger fans."

College Hockey has so few national news outlets (USCHO, CHN, INCH) and then one of them has to make asinine remarks like this along w/ a bias bigger than Bob Norton's chin toward the CCHA and Hockey East.