Thursday, May 22, 2008

Chris Chelios: A Genetic Freak

Well, that's what Steve Yzerman called him, anyway, in an article that tells us just how old Chelios really is. Or if you think "genetic freak" is a bit harsh, you could instead call him an "ageless wonder".

Chelios holds the NHL record for playoff appearances, breaking the record previously held by Patrick Roy. I don't know how many appearances Chelios has now, but he set the record of 248 on April 12 v. Nashville in the Western Conference Quarterfinals. Chelios didn't play in Detroit's last game of the Western Conference Finals @ Dallas, but I'd expect we'll see him in the Stanley Cup Finals.

And apparently (although I think it might be a bit of a stretch) he's eyeing the 2010 Olympics. If he made the team, it would be his 5th Olympic Games, as he's participated in the '84, '88, '02, and '06 Olympics.

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And I know you've all seen this before, but I can't complete this post without a reference to Puck Fiction.