Thursday, May 15, 2008

Nanuckleheads pick Ferguson

Polar bears are now listed as a threatened species, and the Polar Bears in Fairbanks have chosen Dallas Ferguson to take the reins of their hockey program.

Clearly I'm biased, but I think KP would've been a better choice for the Nanooks to elevate their hockey program to the next level. As HTTGS noted on the uscho fan forum, "KP's resume is like 50 pages long and the other guy could fit his on a bar napkin". Ok, KP's resume is really only 3 pages long, but HTTGS is right about Ferguson's resume. (Does Ferguson even have a real resume? The Nanooks website listed it as a resume, but it's really just more of a profile.)

KP has been coaching since 1993, including 9 years in Division I, and his resume is pretty impressive.

Ferguson has been assistant coach with the Nanooks since the 2004-05 season. His other experience includes 2 years as assistant head coach and recruiting coordinator for the Fairbanks Ice Dogs of the NAHL.

I'm not saying Ferguson isn't a good coach and wouldn't make a great head coach down the road. It just seems to me that he could use some additional experience before taking the reins of his own program.

EDIT: Here's Milewski's report, in which KP indicates he won't be pursuing any other options this offseason, as the UAF and GB positions were the 2 that he wanted.

ANOTHER EDIT: Here's the official announcement from UAF, and here's the Newsminer write-up.