Thursday, September 17, 2009

Tom Gilbert / Ryan MacMurchy @ Oilers TC

Tom Gilbert obviously plays for the Oil, and Ryan MacMurchy spent last season with their ECHL affiliate in Stockton and is fighting for an AHL job in Springfield. And so both were at the TC that began earlier this month.
  • At the 1st day of TC, Jason Gregor was stunned to see that Gilbert had cut his hair. I'm not nearly as stunned, because although Gilbert does love his locks, lol, it's not really out of character for him to cut 'em off from time to time.
    Stortini and Gilbert are sporting trimmed locks, and to be honest it’s not a good look for either of them. Stortini’s shaggy look suits him and his on-ice persona much better. I’m betting he grows it out as the year progresses. Gilbert looks 15 with the short hair, and I’m stunned he trimmed it because he loved his locks last season. You wonder if both wanted to come in looking sharp for their new coach???
  • Gregor also reports that MacMurchy had a great Day 2 at TC, scoring a couple of goals.

    9:47…Penalty shot…MacMurchy comes in across the blueline and snaps one five hole and team blue leads 2-0.

    9:56…MacMurchy rips his second of the day, a nice snap shot from the slot over Roy’s glove. MacMurchy had nine goals and 26 points in 33 games for Stockton last year. He is hoping to make the jump to the AHL this year. He isn’t that big, but if he can finish he might have a chance to play for Daum. 4-0 team blue.

  • Lowetide made the following comments about Gilbert/MacMurchy.
    Predicting the TC roster
    D Tom Gilbert: He had a beauty season in 2008-09.
    Commenting on the official TC roster:
    Tom Gilbert, 26: Despite the quality seasons I think he's a tad underrated in some quarters. Gilbert has impressive numbers and is also a bigger body (6.03, 206) and is the ideal defender for the new NHL: mobile, confident and intelligent.

    R Ryan MacMurchy, 26: Former St. Louis draft pick, he's been in Stockton for the last two seasons.
    Thoughts while watching the TC:
    Team B D/G
    Tom Gilbert: I think he's so smooth people don't notice how very good he is at all kinds of difficult things: moving the puck, changing the shooting lane at the blueline before firing one, skating backwards, forwards and laterally and he also has an impressive wingspan. He's a wonderful player, looks ready to me.
    Team A Forwards
    Ryan MacMurchy: Scored a nice goal on a nice quick release.
MacMurchy is no longer in Edmonton, but Gilbert scored a goal and an assist in the Oilers' 1st preseason game a couple days ago, a 4-1 win over Calgary. He had 24:34 of ice time, including a bunch of time on the PP and PK. He had 2 SOG and finished +2. (He didn't play in the Oilers' 2nd preseason game, a 3-2 win over NYI.)

Oh, and I almost forgot to mention -- Capobianco has a list of other Badgers at NHL training camps.