Thursday, September 17, 2009

MacMurchy assigned to Springfield & other items

  • I made a bit of an error this morning. In my TG/RM post, I wrote that Ryan MacMurchy was no longer @ TC in Edmonton. Which is true now, but I wrote my post before the Oilers' officially sent him (and 12 others) down. Since I didn't see his name on the Oilers' roster and since he didn't play in either preseason game, I just assumed that he had already been assigned but that I had missed it. Oops.
    Anyway, Mac has been assigned to Springfield Falcons (AHL), and hopefully he'll stick. From limited comments by Gregor and Lowetide (included in my earlier post), it sounds like Mac had a decent camp and might earn an AHL job.

    Here's what Lowetide had to say today after the 13 cuts were made:
    L Ryan MacMurchy: I had him 35/36 but he impressed with a couple of nice plays in scrimmage on the weekend. An ECHL player who might make the leap to AHL this season.
  • An anonymous poster commented that Josh Engel is at the Toronto Maple Leafs' TC. I thought I should post it here for those who don't read the comments.
  • Another anonymous poster commented that Scott McConnell, one of Badger Bob Johnson's grandsons, has been named video coach for the WBS Penguins (AHL). And thanks to dggodard, here's the link.
  • For those of you (like me) who have a hard time keeping track of these things, here's a list of NHL/AHL/ECHL affiliations, courtesy of HF. And hey, lookie, the K-Wings have been reincarnated in Kalamazoo, this time as an ECHL team. Most of you probably don't care, but as I have a really cool K-Wings jersey from their IHL days, this caught my interest.