Friday, September 11, 2009

09/10 Men's Previews: #11 Andy Bohmbach


Position: Forward
Year in School: Senior
Shoots Left
Height: 6-2
Weight: 198
Hometown: Hudson, WI
Major: Consumer Science
Previous Team: Waterloo (USHL) in 05/06

NHL Considerations: He’s the Bohmber; he creates his own destiny.

08/09 Stats: 39 games, 10-15-25, +4, 28 PIM
07/08 Stats: 17 games, 0-3-3, +1, 6 PIM

09/10 Role: 1st or 2nd line, PP & PK

08/09 Recap: Much like Tom Gorowsky, the Bohmber came out of no where last season to become a top contributor to the Badger offense and had a breakout season. This breakout really hit full swing following the much loved Andy Bohmbach week here on the blog. Andy did everything for the Badgers last season. He notched double digit goals, played big minutes in scoring situations, spending some time on the PP, and was a dominator on the PK. I don’t think I’ll ever forget the sweet passes from the Bohmber to Derek Stepan as they connected twice during the same PK against the Sioux on Senior Night. Who knew the Bohmber had some scoring and passing touch? Beyond all the things he did to fill the stat sheet, he never stopped being one of the hardest workers on the ice, which carried over from his sophomore campaign.

Biggest Strength: I’m not sure if there is anything I don’t like about the Bohmber’s game, but he is beyond solid in his own end and puts all his effort into each shift. Given the chance, he didn’t look bad on offense either.

Biggest Weakness: Weakness…not sure this word applies to Andy Bohmbach.

09/10 Thoughts: As my favorite Badger, it going to be sad to see the Bohmber graduate in the Spring. There will be time enough for melancholy feelings later, between now and then I predict the Hudson native will again vanquish his WCHA foes as he continues his strong play throughout his senior year. The tandem of Bohmbach and Stepan on the PK at the end of the season was lights out, and he should continue as a key PK guy this season. PK guys get no love, or not the love they are due. Being a lefty his place in the offense is assured, and besides that, he reminded us during Andy Bohmbach Week that he’s a goal scorer. I can’t wait to chant “Bohmber! Bohmber!” again this season. The Bohmber personifies Badger Hockey; while I'm sure he loves to score goals (who wouldn't?), he'll selflessly do all the hardwork in the corner or out in front blocking a shot just as readily.

I think it is only right to end this w/ a quote from RabidBucky over on Buckyville, “I don't even need to state that The Bohmber will dominate and lay waste to all in his path. You will find Andy Bohmbach by following the trail of broken hearted fans of opposing teams and broken spirited players who had the misfortune of opposing him.”

Prediction: 35 games, 12-18-30*
*All predictions for regular season only

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