Monday, September 14, 2009

09/10 Men's Previews: #14 Ben Grotting


Position: Forward
Year in School: Senior
Shoots Right
Height: 6-1
Weight: 197
Hometown: Birmingham, AL
Major: History
Previous Team: Lincoln (USHL) in 05/06

NHL Considerations: Could find a minor league contract after the season.

08/09 Stats: 35 games, 5-9-14, +1, 25 PIM
07/08 Stats: 39 games, 2-7-9, +1, 27 PIM

09/10 Role: 4th line and PK

08/09 Recap: I think Ben’s season can best be remembered for the beating he put on Patricia “Whitey” White when the gophers came to town in October. Nothing like watching your team fall to 0-5-1, but very proud to be a Badger have watching a hated rival’s player turtle on the ice while he received a much deserved beating. Overall, I’m not a fan of fighting in hockey just to fight, but when someone pulls some **** its time to drop the gloves. Overall, Ben had a very nice season, and was consistently one of the better defensive forwards on the team, while increasing his offensive production.

Biggest Strength: Ben brings a solid defensive game to the ice each night and isn’t afraid to get dirty out there to get the job done and help the team win.

Biggest Weakness: He is not going to be a big contributor to the Badger offense w/ any regularity.

09/10 Thoughts: Ben could possibly find himself as a regular on the 4th line w/ yesterday’s Badger Aaron Bendickson. It is possible that one of them could slide up in the lineup to add some defense and energy to a scoring line. Both players produce similar results on the ice, but have different styles of play. Should Ben find himself w/ Bendickson, Sean Dolan and/or Matt Thurber on the checking line, they would make a formidable trio against the scoring lines of the WCHA and make their lives hell, while chipping in a few goals when the opportunity arises.

Prediction: 30 games, 3-5-8*
*All predictions for regular season only

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