Sunday, September 6, 2009

Inter-WCHA Defection

This time a player has defected away from a Colorado school to another WCHA opponent. According to WCH (among other sources) Colten St. Clair has decommited from CC and will instead join North Dakota in 2010/11.

Colten put up pretty good stats in the USHL last year w/ the Fargo Force as a 16 year old and will be back for some more this year. Fargo isn't too far away from Grand Forks, if you can find a horse or wagon train heading north that is.

I wonder if the draw of pissing in elevators, rampant drunkness by Sioux players and throwing landmowers into the road had anything to do w/ his decision? I guess it beats mono, threesomes w/ recruits and choking in the post season every season.

Things are looking more bleak for CC by the month. First early depatures of top players, then John Moore goes to the CHL and now a prized recruit decommits and will suit in for a conference opponent. I feel bad for the Tigers.