Thursday, September 3, 2009

INCH A to Z: Derek Stepan

As expected, Wisconsin's representative in this year's "INCH: A to Z" is Derek Stepan. You can go ahead and read Stepan's whole profile, but here's the part I found the most interesting.
While he was learning the game that now occupies so much of his life, Stepan admits that skating didn’t come naturally, and he needed extra work to develop the mobility needed to make him a complete player. Stepan also learned ways to capture and control the puck without being the biggest or fastest skater. As his skating skills grew, his self-taught puck-control abilities became that much more effective. Along with much of his Wisconsin team, Stepan spent a good portion of the summer in Madison, working hard on and off the ice to improve strength and stamina.
Oh, and I really like Stepan's April plans . . .
With an extra season of skill development under his belt, Stepan is working toward spending a holiday break in Saskatchewan and one April weekend in Detroit.

(Photo courtesy of Redheat15)