Saturday, September 12, 2009

Breaking the ice with Keegan Meuer

Evidently, is going to do a sort of survey/profile of all our freshmen in the coming weeks. Part 1 with Keegan Meuer is up on the website. It's not much more than a Q&A type of survey, but for those interested, here's some of the highlights:

Favorite Sports Team: Green Bay Packers

How many songs in your ipod/mp3 player: 1,542

First job: Bus boy at State Street Brats

Hidden talent nobody knows about: I can fit a quarter in my nose

Why did you come to Wisconsin: I was born a Badger

Worst movie you’ve ever seen: "Walk Hard: The Dewey Cox Story"

Who would you entrust your spare house/apartment key to? Leslie Johnson (Patrick Johnson’s mom)

You have to wonder if he's going to get crap from Ratty about that last one...