Wednesday, September 16, 2009

09/10 Men's Previews: #16 Sean Dolan


Position: Forward
Year in School: Junior
Shoots Right
Height: 6-3
Weight: 196
Hometown: Chesterfield, MO (why do they list St. Louis?)
Major: Consumer Science
Previous Team: Chicago (USHL) in 06/07

NHL Considerations: See how the next two seasons go.

08/09 Stats: 35 games, 4-7-11, +2, 42 PIM
07/08 Stats: 40 games, 4-4-8, +1, 28 PIM

09/10 Role: 4th line while fighting for PT

08/09 Recap: After a nice freshman season, Sean, while he didn’t take a step back, didn’t really take a step forward either. He was a successful member of the grind line w/ Ben Grotting and John Mitchell, but that line was broken up last season. He was a regular on the 4th line and that line provided consistent energy throughout the season.

Biggest Strength: Very good defensively and a nice addition to the PK.

Biggest Weakness: I think there is more to Sean Dolan than Badger fans have seen so far. His offensive game shows flashes of progressing, but he never quite takes that next step. Could be a function of his role on the team as well.

09/10 Thoughts: I see Sean in a group w/ a few other players (Josh Turnbull, Ratty Johnson and Matt Thurber) who will be fighting hard for playing time this season. It will be very interesting to see who busts it in practice to start this season and who improved over the summer, because it could go a long way to determining who plays a lot. Sean has the advantage of size, and his consistent play in his own zone. He is a good centerman as well, though he could be fighting Aaron Bendickson and Thurber for that spot on the 4th line.

Prediction: 12 games, 3-3-6*
*All predictions for regular season only

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