Friday, September 11, 2009

09/10 Women's Previews: #11 Kyla Sanders


Position: Forward
Year in School: Senior
Shoots Right
Height: 5-6
Hometown: Fort Myers, FL
Major: Not sure
Previous Team: North American Hockey Academy

08/09 Stats: 41 games, 10-17-27, +26, 12 PIM
07/08 Stats: 41 games, 14-6-20, +14, 24 PIM

09/10 Role: 1st or 2nd line, PP, PK

08/09 Recap: Kyla was part of the best 3rd line in the country working together w/ Jasmine Giles and Brooke Ammerman. While her goal scoring declined, her scoring overall improved as her role expanded w/ the team. She was good on the PK too, notching 3 SH goals during the season.

09/10 Thoughts: Kyla has been named assistant captain for the season, and I think she is very deserving. As I mentioned a few days ago, I think she is one of the players who needs to step up during her senior season w/ Knight and Duggan off on the Olympic team. It will be interesting to see what the coaching staff does this season. The aforementioned 3rd line worked well together last year, and would look good as the 1st or 2nd line this season.

Prediction: 34 games, 16-18-34*
*All predictions for regular season only

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