Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Catching up linkorama

While Gandalf has been doing all of the heavy lifting here on the blog, I've been passively collecting some odds and ends . . .
  • I've been quite delinquent in posting TW scores, but if you follow HIW, DPlaya has kept you informed (follow the links for his game posts, as there's some good info there).

    TW Minor
    7-2 win over Team Metro Southwest
    3-5 loss to Team Northeast (including an empty net goal for NE)
    9-0 win over Norway (Omaha had 12 players with N1H1 flu, so Norway filled in)

    TW Major
    2-4 loss to Team Southeast
    0-4 loss to Team Southwest
    0-4 loss to Team Northwest

    TW Minor
    2-5 loss to Chicago Mission Minor
    1-2 loss to Chicago Mission Minor

    TW Major
    6-2 win over Duluth Northwings
    5-2 win over Minnesota Blades
    6-4 win over Milwaukee Junior Admirals
  • Andy Brandt is a Salmon King. He had spent 2 years in Gwinnett, but apparently they sent him to Victoria in a 3-way trade w/ Carolina. About Brandt, Victoria's GM/Head Coach Mark Morrison says:
    "Andy is a great addition to our team. He is an aggressive player who finishes checks and can put the puck in the net."
  • As you know, Badger alum Pat Flatley resigned from the NHLPA when Paul Kelly was axed. I was interested to read that fellow Badger alums Chris Chelios and Adam Burish were on the executive committee. (Aw hell, I lost the links. I'll try to add 'em back in later if I can find them.)
  • Adam Augustine is previewing the Badger Women, and here's his Forwards preview. And of course, his previews include videos!
  • Andy Baggot has a nice article how Mike Valley got his new job with Stars via word-of-mouth. It's not surprising that Valley is well-liked and respected by goaltenders that he worked with. Once again, I'd like to congratulate Mike on his well-deserved new job.
  • The LA Times had a nice piece on the US Men's and Women's National Teams last week.
  • Four Badgers will be on the WCHA All-Star Team that will face the US National Team on Sept 25 at the X -- Sophomore Sensation Brooke Ammerman, The Pride of Novia Scotia Brittany Haverstock, Captain Jasmine Giles (my pick for this year, I think), and Mallory Deluce (another fav). And of course, 1/3 of the US Team are Badgers, so if you make the trip to St. Paul, you'll get to see plenty o' Badgers . . .
I have some more stuff to post, but I just don't have the time right now, so for now you'll have to settle for what's above. Perhaps tomorrow evening I'll get to the rest . . .