Monday, April 6, 2009

Wake Up With Your Latest Recruit Corbin McGuire

Last week, we alerted you (via USHR) to the fact that the Badgers landed a top flight forward when Taft Prep forward Corbin McGuire gave Mike Eaves his verbal commitment.

McGuire, who is a freshman at Taft, is one of the top recruits not only on the East Coast, but in the entire nation. He was the second leading scorer at last summers Select 15 festival in St. Cloud and recently competed at the National Team Development Tryouts in Ann Arbor Michigan.

60 Minutes. No Alibis. No Regrets. was lucky enough to talk with Corbin over the weekend. Very mature kid for his age. Any ways, without further ado, 5 burning questions with your newest Badger commit:

5. Chuck Schwartz-You got to participate in the summer Select 15 festival and more recently the NTDP tryouts. What is the experience like playing against the best players in the nation at your age level and how do you feel you stack up?

Corbin McGuire-The experience I had at both those events was really awesome. It gave me chance to meet all the elite players of my age group and get instruction from the some of the best coaches is the country. Also, I got a chance to see the facilities both St. Cloud State use and what the NTDP gets to use. I also got a chance to play in front of coaches that might not be able to see me play during the season at Taft, such as Wisconsin.I felt that I stacked up pretty well at both events with the best '93 players in the country. I did the things on the ice that I knew I wanted to do going in and I conducted myself in the way I wanted to off the ice.

4. Schwartz-If given an invitation to the NTDP, would you accept, and if you don't accept/should you not get invited, where do you see yourself playing the next 3 years before you become a Badger.

McGuire: I still have no idea if I even made the NTDP, so I still don't know if I would accept of not. As of now there is no choice to be made. And as of today I will be walking down the steps at graduation here at Taft School in May of 2012.

3. Schwartz-The recent trend has been that players have been committing to school earlier and earlier now days. Your the second player that Wisconsin has committed for the 2012 class (Jordan Schmaltz being the other). Did you feel pressure to commit so early because other players are doing so?

McGuire: I did not feel pressure at all to commit early. When I called Coach Eaves and he asked if I would want to be a Badger starting in 2012, how can you turn that down? It's always been a goal of mine. And why wait for something that has been offered to me that I have wanted for my whole life.

2. Schwartz-Players with your talent level always feel the pressure from the Canadian junior leagues. With you being at minimum 3 seasons away from being a Badger, what are the chances that you can be lured away by the guys across the northern border?

McGuire: Zero chance. Education is really important to all the people in my family, that is why I am at Taft. I am for sure never even thinking about playing in the QMJHL.

1. Schwartz-Your parents grew up in Wisconsin, but other than that, what ultimately led you into your commitment to the Wisconsin Badgers and what other schools were you considering?

McGuire: I always wanted to play for Wisconsin, ever since I was little and just started playing. Every kid growing up and wanting to play college hockey would be thankful to get to a chance to play for the Badgers, and when I was given the chance to commit, I took it. I was getting looked at by ECAC schools and Hockey East schools but never had the time to do any visits, and I knew Wisconsin is where I really wanted to be.