Friday, April 3, 2009

Badger Hockey Banquet(s)

Badger Women
Given that the deadline for registering was early today, I'm "a bit" late in posting this. (Ok, really late. That's what happens when I don't really read my email for almost a week. I knew about the banquet but was unaware of the deadline 'til now. I can't go anyway, but my apologies to those who might've wanted to go but missed the deadline.)

Anyway, the Badger Women are having their 2009 Banquet on Friday, April 17 at Heritage Hall at Camp Randall. I'd imagine team awards and captains for next season will be announced at that time.

Badger Men
I've been told that the men are no longer having end-of-the-year banquets. The reasoning apparently being that it doesn't make sense to hold an end-of-the-year banquet to honor the seniors when many of the seniors leave right at the end of the season to play professionally and therefore can't attend anyway. (And to some extent I understand this reasoning -- I don't remember when last year's seniors left, but I seem to remember the '07 seniors leaving right after the end of the Badgers' season.)

But I think it's unfortunate. This year especially, since I believe all of the seniors are still in Madison -- I've been told that Tom Gorowsky and Shane Connelly are staying in Madison to finish the school year, and I'd imagine Ryan Jeffery and Jeff Henderson are doing the same.

Also, in addition to honoring the seniors, the banquet also also honors team award winners (MVP, 7th-man, most-competitive, etc) and announces team captains for next year. Besides, I'm a sucker for highlight films. Who doesn't love a good end-of-the-year highlights film?

While the Badger Men won't be having regular banquets any longer, I have been told that they'll hold celebration banquets when they win National Championships, so I guess there's just one thing to do -- win some more titles!