Tuesday, April 7, 2009

IIHF WW: Badgers in the preliminary round

Since both USA and CAN had yesterday off and have today off as well, I thought this morning might be a good time to take a brief look back at the Badgers' performances in the preliminary rounds. Especially since WHKY Blogger has already done the work for me. (Thanks, Blogger!)
After the first round, the current and former Badgers performing well here at Worlds!

Carla MacLeod is leading all scorers with 7pts
Hilary Knight has 3 goals and an assist for the USA
Meaghan Mikkelson has 2 assists for Canada
Meghan Duggan has a goal for the USA
Molly Engstrom has an assist for the USA
Kerry Weiland has had a couple of nice shots and also took a necessary penalty.

The Greatest One has 2 assists, a Penalty for Hooking and 6 SOG while being played by a forward and a defender nearly every time she has a touch. The other teams have been playing her as if her line is unable to score if she can't handle the puck. They seem to be forgetting her linemates include Chu and Darwitz for the most part, not to mention the defenders and the other players she is paired with.
Just to refresh you memories, USA defeated JPN 8-0 and RUS 8-0 in the preliminary round, and CAN defeated CHN 13-1 and SWE 7-0.

Jessie Vetter has yet to play in goal for USA. I'd imagine we'll see her in the next round.

Here's the schedule for the qualifying round:
Wed 4/8 @ 12 PM CT: CAN v. FIN
Thurs 4/9 @ 12 PM CT: USA v. FIN
Fri 4/10 @ 12 PM CT: USA v. CAN

The top 2 teams will play for the gold and the 3rd team will play for the bronze on Sunday.

Here are the event homepages from BTD, IIHF, usahockey, and hockeycanada.