Friday, April 10, 2009

John Ramage checks in from World U18 Championship

2009/2010 Wisconsin defensive recruit John Ramage has agreed to do a little correspondence piece with us while he is in Fargo, ND for the IIHF U18 World Championships. John will be updating us as they go through the tournament when he gets some free time. Right now the Americans are just getting settled over there. Late last night John was kind enough to check in after the American squad played against Norway. Thanks again John!

John Ramage, Team USA U18, IIHF U18 World Championships 4/9/2008

We started off the tourney tonight against Norway. The guys were really pumped up considering we had been on the road for a week and have not played any tournament games. The team started off well, the Norwegians were not the greatest team. We ended up winning 8-0. It was really cool to have the support of American fans since we have not really had any fan support all year. Tomorrow we have an off day and then we are back at it against the Fins who we have had good battles with all year.-John Ramage

Other scores from the tournament:

Czech Republic 0, Sweden 7
Germany 2, Canada 11
Finland 7, Russia 4
Switzerland and Slovakia, Idle

Check back in for updates, especially on days after games. Thanks again John for doing this. GO USA!

Team USA's next game: Saturday, 7:30 PM vs Finland