Sunday, April 5, 2009

USA 8 - JPN 0 / CAN 13 - CHN 1

Both USA and CAN destroyed their opponents yesterday in their opening games of the IIHF World Women's Championship. Both games were pretty lopsided, with the opponents providing little offensive threat -- it sounds like, for the most part, the forwards for USA/CAN were able to break up the play at the blueline, limiting the ability of JPN/CHN to gain the zone.

USA 8 - JPN 0
USA outshot JPN 74-8, The Bomb had a hat trick, and Lawler and Engstrom each chipped in an assist.

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F Hilary Knight 3-0-3, 10 SOG, +1
F Erika Lawler 0-1-1, 3 SOG, +2
F Meghan Duggan 0-0-0, 2 SOG, E
D Kerri Weiland 0-0-0, 3 SOG, +1
D Molly Engstrom 0-1-1, 7 SOG, +3
G Jessie Vetter DNP (Megan Van Beusekom got the start)
"It was a good way to start things off," said Team USA Head Coach Mark Johnson, who is also the head women's ice hockey coach at the University of Wisconsin. "From an offensive standpoint, we generated a lot of scoring opportunities. Everybody got their feet wet and now we can continue to move forward in the tournament."
By the way, Team USA is going with 11 F and 7 D for this tourney, which is why you might see Kerri Weiland listed on one of the forward lines when the lines are given. Don't be confused, she's still playing D.

CAN 13 - CHN 1
CAN outshot CHN 75-5. MacLeod had a goal and an assist, and Mikkelson had an assist.

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F Meaghan Mikkelson 0-1-1, 0 SOG, +2
D Carla MacLeod 1-1-2, 3 SOG, +3

Mikkelson is listed as a defensemen on the IIHF roster, but hockeycanada has her listed as a forward, and the game recap specifically mentions that she has moved up to F.

By the way, if you're so inclined, you can send Meaghan or Carla an email, as hockeycanada has an "email your favourite player" feature.

USA - RUS: Monday 4 AM CT -- Game Notes
CAN - SWE: Monday 7:30 AM CT
(Both teams were off today.)

I'd imagine that BTD will be live-blogging both games. (Thanks, BTD!)