Tuesday, March 31, 2009

WCHA Players Finding Pro Homes

It's a very busy time for hockey agents. Graduating seniors and a few early departures are in the hunt for a place to play next season. A number of WCHA names are popping up on the transaction lists. Here is a list of players who have signed contracts since the end of the season. Underclassmen are noted by a *.

NHL Contracts

  • MacGregor Sharp, Minnesota Duluth-Anaheim (Assigned to Iowa, AHL)
  • Richard Bachman, Colorado College-Dallas*
  • Ryan Stoa, Minnesota-Colorado*
  • Jamie McBain, Wisconsin-Carolina* (Assigned to Albany, AHL)
  • Eric Walsky, Colorado College-Vancouver (Assigned to Manitoba, AHL)
  • Trevor Bruess, Minnesota State-Washington* (Assigned to Hershey, AHL)
  • Paul Crowder, Alaska Anchorage-New York R* (Assigned to Hartford, AHL)

AHL Contracts
  • Andrew Kozek, North Dakota-Chicago
  • Brian Connelly, Colorado College-Rockford *

ECHL Contracts
  • Cody Lampl, Colorado College-Las Vegas
  • John Schwartz, Michigan Tech-Las Vegas
  • Scott McCulloch, Colorado College-Las Vegas
  • Mat Robinson, Alaska Anchorage-Las Vegas
  • Mick Berge, Minnesota State-South Carolina