Monday, March 16, 2009

"So you're telling me there's a chance!"

Obviously if Wisconsin beats Denver and then wins the championship game on Saturday they get the automatic bid and gain entrance into the NCAA tournament. I've found two scenarios that also allow Wisconsin to gain entrance into the tournament if by some reason they don't win the final five (Which we all know they are going to do so this is just a waste of bandwith).

Scenario 1: Northern Michigan wins third place game

Hockey East-No matter what, Boston University has to win first game of Hockey East vs. Boston College, then either Boston University or Northeastern can win the Hockey East title.

ECAC-All that matters Is that St. Lawrence doesn’t win a game.

Atlantic-Air Force needs to win tournament.

CCHA-Higher seeds win except for Northern Michigan winning the third place game.

WCHA-we win against Denver, then lose to Nodak. Denver needs to win the third place game.

Scenario 2: Northern Michigan wins CCHA tournament

Everything as listed above, except Northern Michigan beats Notre Dame and beats Michigan in the final. Notre Dame has to win the third place game.

So there are two senarios that get us in. Can you find any others?

PS, props to Exile on Dayton Street for the Dumb and Dumber reference.