Sunday, March 29, 2009

I'm a Bemidji State Beavers Fan?

Yes, apparently I am. Big time.

Holy Cross, that was fun last night. I was cheering for Bemidji to begin with, because you know I can't get behind the Losing Irish. But Bemidji really won me over. They played really hard right from the start, 60 minutes no alibis no regrets and all that. They played solid hockey, and they fought hard all night, and they certainly deserved their 5-1 win. And yeah, I'm a big fan now.

Maybe it was too much caffeine, maybe it was too much sodium, but I tell you what, I was fired-up last night, and I'm still fired-up this morning. I'll definitely be cheering for Bemidji tonight, and if they make it to DC, I'll be cheering for them there as well.


(Photo by Christopher Brian Dudek / USCHO)