Friday, March 6, 2009

Tom Gilbert 3rd-quarter report cards, and other links

Despite my intentions, I still haven't had time to follow the Oilers much, but at least I can bring you some links.
  • Here are a couple of 3rd-quarter report cards from the Oilogosphere:
    Staples (Cult of Hockey)

    Tom Gilbert, B-
    5.6 grade in 20 games; 11 errors/13 points, +2.
    The most high event player on the Oilers, involved in numerous scoring chances both good and bad. He struggles when he's asked to do more against tough opposition, but he's moving the puck extremely well. A smart player who needs to get a bit tougher of mind and body, but that will come with experience.
    Gregor (Oilers Nation)
    A- Tom Gilbert. After no goals in the second quarter Gilbert was a beast offensively this quarter. He had 18 points, the most of any Oiler this segment. He only had two goals, but 16 assists for a D-man is very good. The problem was he had 21 giveaways as well. Of course not all of them resulted in goals, but his turnovers did result directly in six goals for the opposition. I would still like him to use his size a bit more, especially in one-on-one battles down low, but his offensive production was incredible. He played lots of minutes this quarter, so you would expect a bit of an increase in his turnovers. The fact is he produced offensively, and on this team offence means more. Plain and simple. (B- first 20, C- 2nd)
  • The Edmonton Journal had a nice article on Gilbert earlier this week.

  • For some reason Gilbert continues to write his blog. I'm not sure what to say about this, but hey, luv ya, Tom.

  • The Oilers website has a little "How well do you know Tom Gilbert?" feature, in which Tom claims to own 25-30 pairs of shoes. Based on Tom's blog entries, I'd say that Kyle Brodziak's guess of 30-40 pairs would be more accurate.

  • The Oilers site also has a little "5 Questions with Tom Gilbert" feature. (Don't get too excited; like the above feature, the questions aren't all that insightful, lol.) This is the 2nd time they've done this feature with Gilbert -- here's November's version.