Friday, March 27, 2009

Davis Drewiske!

Apparently while I wasn't paying attention, Davis Drewiske was called back up to the Kings and has played 4 games without my knowledge. Somebody's in trouble for not bringing this to my attention; I haven't decided who yet, but there are plenty of candidates (at the very least there's Chuck, nubeetle, and a certain someone I won't name - you know who you are) -- don't you guys know that when I'm completely oblivious to a Badger being called up to the NHL you're supposed to rectify the situation?

Anyway, here are his stats from those 4 games:
3/26 Kings 1 - Stars 0 (SO): 0-0-0, 2 SOG, E, TOI 18:32
3/24 Blues 2 - Kings 0: 0-0-0, 1 SOG, -1, TOI 14:08
3/22 Blackhawks 4 - Kings 1: 0-0-0, 1 SOG, E, TOI 13:35
3/20 Penguins 4 - Kings 1: 0-0-0, 1 SOG, E, TOI 15:30

So, not a great road trip for the Kings, but Drewiske got some nice ice time and it appears that he's playing well. He featured prominently in this article on the Kings' website.
Terry Murray
On the development of Davis Drewiske
“Davis has picked up right where he left off (from his first call-up in February). He plays strong, hard, heavy, and I really like his attitude. He’s got that edge that is so important for a defenseman. He’s also starting to show some composure and is learning how to deal with the quick plays and the speed of the game at the National Hockey League level.”

Davis Drewiske
On the differences between this call-up and his first call-up
“The biggest thing is confidence. I feel so much more comfortable. I know everybody – the team, the coaches, and the routine. I really believe that I’m starting to contribute.”

His expectations for this call-up
“You can’t really have any expectations. I’m just trying to take it one day at a time, play well, and make a good impression with the players, coaches and staff.

On playing in front of friends and family in Chicago last Sunday
“That was really special. Chicago is as close as we’re gonna get to my hometown in Wisconsin. I had to track down ten tickets for everybody that came to the game. I imagine that it would have been a lot more had they had more than a days notice.”

The Manchester Monarchs are proud to announce that defenseman Davis Drewiske has been named the team's winner of the American Specialty/AHL Man of the Year award for his outstanding contributions to the Manchester community and charitable organizations during the 2008-09 season.

Drewiske has become the spokesman for the Monarchs in the community during his rookie season. Drewiske takes pride in spreading a good message and spending time with children in the community. He enjoys talking about the Monarchs and bringing fans into his world as a professional athlete.

Dang, he hadn't even been in Manchester for a full year yet (he played his first game there 4/4/08), and he already has the most impact on the community. You really should read the whole release (don't worry, it's not too long), but here are a couple nice quotes from Monarchs Senior VP Cheryl Abbott:
"[He's] an inspirational role model for our organization. His ability to speak to children of all ages regarding health and wellness for the Monarchs Winning With Wellness program and his personal experiences of staying drug free is remarkable. He is able to convey the importance of saying no to drugs and living a healthy lifestyle in a way that youth today understand."

"Drewiske enjoys working in the community. His professionalism and steadfast dedication to youth and society are keys to spreading the right message. His enthusiasm and energy is contagious and students are able to take that positive influence into their daily lives."
Drewiske is now in the running for the AHL's Man of the Year Award. Pretty cool. Good work, Davis!

(Photo courtesy of Redheat15.)