Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Sixty Minutes, No Alibis, No Regrets and DCB Entertainment proudly present . . .

We here at the blog, in conjunction with DCB Entertainment, proudly present the 2nd Annual Sixty Minutes, No Alibis, No Regrets Badger Hockey Tailgate!

Gandalf and I, along with DoorCountyBadger, will be your hosts for the event. Needless to say, DCB's mere presence at this event constitutes the entertainment for the event. (Hatchet Joe's presence should provide some additional entertainment as well. We are also hopeful for Chuck's presence near the tail-end of the tailgate.)

Our 1st tailgate event took place before the Midwest Regionals last year and was a stunning success. Ok, ya got me . . . our blog technically didn't exist then. But DCB and I hosted the tailgate, and Gandalf was there, and at that time Gandalf and I (along with Chuck) were already making plans to start the blog, so I figure "close enough".

If you're part of our blog's target audience, please stop by! If you're not part of our target audience but can play nice (i.e. Goon), please feel free to stop by as well. (But if you're going to be an obnoxious opposing fan, don't bother; I don't feel like bailing Gandalf out of jail.)

Here are the particulars for this year's tailgate:
When: Saturday, March 7, starting at 2pm
Where: In one of the parking lots behind the KC (same spot as last year)

We'll likely be the only idiots tailgating, so I can't imagine we'll be hard to find. Plus, DCB will have his Badger flag for all to see. If you get there before 4pm, parking might be free. When it gets dark, we'll likely wrap up the tailgate and head over to Bucks to kill time until the game. That's also where we'll likely end up if the weather really stinks.

UPDATE -- The most recent weather forecast indicates that it is going to rain A LOT on Saturday, in which case we won't be tailgating and will instead end up over at Bucks (although probably not as early as 2pm as initially planned, more likely 3 or 4). Having a tendency to the delusional, I'm still holding out hope that it won't rain, but that seems unlikely. If we need to cancel this weekend, we're not sure if we'll reschedule for 1st-round playoffs or not -- it depends on who'll be around.