Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Bruess Suspended Again

Resident WCHA cheap shot artist Trevor Bruess has been suspended once again by the WCHA for his actions last weekend when his Mavericks hosted St. Cloud State.

Bruess was suspended earlier in the season by the WCHA for his actions in a weekend series in North Dakota. One of his hits that weekend (and sadly, probably the most clean) ended the season of North Dakota defenseman Derrick LaPoint.

The sad part is that after the first suspension, WCHA commissioner Bruce McCloed sat down and had a heart to heart with Bruess. Obviously the kid just doesn't get it and it was proven when he received (thanks to Goon for pointing this out) not one, but two kneeing penalties in the same period. The knee to knee hit is one of the most dangerous plays in all of sports.

Bruess will be suspended for only Friday nights game versus Wisconsin so hopefully Badger players will have their heads on a swivel Saturday night when this hack returns to the ice. If Troy (I probably ride my snowmobile to the rink) Jutting had any balls, he would suspend Bruess for the rest of the season.