Saturday, March 7, 2009

Backing into home ice

Well I was hoping for WCHA home ice for the first time since 2006, but I didn't think the Badgers would back into this position. Here are the WCHA tie breakers:

A) head to head competition
B) most WCHA wins
C) least goals allowed in games among tied teams
D) winning margin n WCHA games

The Badgers have 29 pts (still) and trailing them by two pts (still) are minnesota, Duluth and St. Cloud who all lost last night (to Tech, UAA and Mankato respectively). CC clinches home ice and at least 4th place by not even taking the ice.

In tie breakers, Wisconsin owns the head to head tie breaker w/ minnesota and Duluth, and split w/ St. Cloud.

St. Cloud has as many wins as Wisconsin, but Duluth and the kangas poisoned gophers are behind and even if both win tonight and UW loses, will not catch up.

By this math, Wisconsin has secured home ice. I would like to see them win tonight, and CC lose, so the Badgers could still somehow, someway take 3rd. Wisconsin will be hosting one of the MN schools next week, which one will be determined by tonight's outcomes.

Oh yeah, as much as I'm ripping on the Sioux's dumbass fans, congrats to their team for winning the MacNaughton. They got hot when everyone else decided to play mediocre. Maybe w/ Boston College likely not making the tournament there is hope...