Sunday, March 8, 2009

Geoffrion to return next season?

Andy Baggot had a post on friday that chances are good co-captain Blake Geoffrion will return for his senior season.

Geoffrion, a second-round NHL draft pick of Nashville in 2006, was asked if he was certain he would play against the Wolverines at Camp Randall Stadium.

"Yes, absolutely,'' he said.

After the get-together inside the UW football offices at Camp Randall, Geoffrion said he met a couple weeks ago with UW coach Mike Eaves and said he was "110 percent'' sure he would be back skating for the Badgers in 2009-10.

Now this isn't the first time something like this has been said. Robbie Earl said he'd be back at the KC celebration following the Badger's 6th NCAA Title, but then alas a contract w/ Toronto came along and he was gone.

I think its safe to say that if Blake Geoffrion returns for his senior season that will very^5 outstanding! Nothing like having your two co-captains back, one from a medical redshirt (Ben Street) and one who you thought was headed to the pros but gives us nice sized glimmer of hope that he'll be back.

BTW, during the senior night presentation last night, it was great to see Ben Street on skates and back in a Badger uniform if only to stand in unity w/ his fellow classmates who joined the Badgers in the Fall of 2005.