Thursday, March 12, 2009

Lucia Nabs Fin

Don Lucia who has been catching a ton of flak from bitchey gopher fans over the lack of success over the last few seasons went over-seas and picked up Finnish hockey player Erik Haula who plays right now at Shattuck St. Marys in Fairbult, MN.

Haula is the second leading scorer on the Shattuck Prep team behind Harvard recruit Alexander Fallstrom.

It really doesn't surprise me that Lucia went with a Euro since he hasn't won a championship since he had one on his roster (Vanek).

I find it funny for all the stuck up Gopher fans who act all high and mighty about the quality of players that the state produces. If I hear one more argument about other schools like Denver, Wisconsin, and North Dakota having Canadians on the roster I'm going to puke.