Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Jamie McBain, Hobey Baker Finalist

Somehow in the shuffle, arguably one of the most important pieces of info has been left off the table. For the most part, all Badger fans are aware, but if you have been living on mars and haven't heard, Wisconsin defenseman Jamie McBain has been named a top 10 finalist for the 2009 Hobey Baker Memorial Award.

The biggest complaint about McBain has been his low plus/minus this season. I still think that the plus/minus statistic is a crock of you know what and is a dinosaur statistic. Google "issues with plus/minus" and you could spend years reading all the articles that are written by plenty of people smarter than I basically saying that plus/minus is worthless and mis-used.

McBain finished the season with 37 points in 40 games and is expected to sign with the Carolina Hurricanes at any time. Here are a few notes from the Hobey site about the man, the myth, the legend, Jamie McBain:

Named as the WCHA Player of Year and First Team all-star, assistant-captain McBain has produced offensively at almost a point a game pace with 36 points in 38 games on 7 goals and 29 assists. He’s second in the nation in points by a defenseman. Especially dangerous on the power play, 24 of his points came with the manpower advantage for fourth best in the country.
• Finished 7th in WCHA scoring – is tied for 11th in nation in assists
• Carolina draft (2nd round) – leads Badgers in scoring
• Played 2 years at NDTP in Ann Arbor – visits UW Children’s Hospital

Image from the UWBadgers.com website