Thursday, March 26, 2009

Decommitted Montpetit looking around

The USHL had an article that former recruit Brock Montpetit is looking at either CC or Northeastern. Montpetit re-opened his recruitment last Fall after receiving his National Letter of Intent to sign from Coach Eaves. At the time, his dad claimed that Eaves previously stated his son would be on a 100% full scholarship, when everyone knows that a 92% schollie is about the tops you can do and is considered a "full" scholarship.

I'm of the belief that he saw his old Shattuck linemates brought in ahead of him, and was unhappy about such a decision. I think Eaves made the right decision, as Derek Stepan will be a superstar next season, and Jordy Murray adjusted quickly to the WCHA and has been a contributor in all phases of the game all season long. Montpetit has been up and down in his play all season w/ the Waterloo Black Hawks. While he's been playing well lately, most of the season I didn't see much contribution from him.

GL to Montpetit on making a commitment, I'm sure Jordy Murray would look forward to owning him if he chooses CC.