Wednesday, September 3, 2008

A few Wednesday afternoon items

  • As mentioned yesterday, the Badger Men began working in small groups with the coaching staff. Todd mentions that the beginning of the season is still over a month away. To be precise, Todd, it's 37 days 'til the puck drops in Boston.

  • A number of Badger men and women have attended prep schools prior to arriving at Wisconsin. Off the top of my head, Tom Bardis (Cushing Academy) and Ben Grotting, Jordy Murray, and Derek Stepan (Shattuck St. Mary's) come to mind on the men's side, and Meghan Duggan and Erika Lawler (Cushing Academy) come to mind on the women's side. The New England Hockey Journal has an interesting article on prep schools as a stepping stone to college hockey. (Thanks to The World of Junior Hockey for the link.)

  • HIW has a link to a Youtube video that consists of 10 minutes of Gamblers highlights. As DPlaya points out, Aaron Crandall and Ryan Little make appearances.

  • For those who don't follow recruiting much (Ma 60, this is for you!), The Bronco Hockey Blog has a nice primer on the recruiting process.