Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Chelios, Wings make it official

Thanks to Ody for the heads-up on this one!

The Wings have signed Chris Chelios to a 1-year deal. Next season will be his 25th season in the NHL. Wow.

Chelios acknowledges that his role this next season will be reduced due to the large number of young defensemen on the roster. He says he's happy to be back and looking forward to another great year.

For now, it sounds like Chelios feels that, when he's on the ice, he's able to contribute and not hurt the team. Until that changes, I get the impression that Chelios will do whatever it takes and play whatever role (however limited) his team asks, as long as he gets play and as long as his team keeps winning. It just remains to be seen how long he can continue to do this . . .

Edited to add: I just spotted this article that, while giving highlights of Chelios's career, also humorously points out just how long Chelios has been around.