Friday, September 26, 2008

Women's Player Previews: Coaching Staff

Well it all begins tonight for the Badger Women. I wouldn't be surprised to see National Championship banner #3 unfurled a year from now, I guess we'll find out in 6 months. I encourage all Badger Hockey fans to make a point of attending a few Women's games, it will be well worth your $5 or prehaps free if they do the Men's ticket for next day's Women's game thing.

Good luck to the Badger Women!

Figured I'd finish these previews off w/ the Badger Women's coaching staff.

Head Coach Mark Johnson

Background: I could probably blog for an hour about Mark Johnson, but I don't have that kinda time. Coach Johnson is hockey royalty in Wiscsonin. He is the son of the late great "Badger" Bob, helped Wisconsin to the 1977 NC, was a 2 time All-American and is second in points all-time in Badger history. Beyond that there was his role in the Miracle on Ice and his successful NHL career. Lets focus on his coaching career though. Coach Johnson joined Coach Sauer's staff as an assistant in 1996 and continued in that role until he became the Women's ooach for the 02/03 season. There are still some hard feelings from fans that Mike Eaves got the Men's job over Coach Johnson, but he has ton an outstanding job w/ the Women's team. I could recite all the records his teams have shattered, they are plentiful. He guided the Badger Women to the last 3 National Championship games, winning back to back titles in 2006 and 2007. Both those years he was named NCAA Coach of the Year. It would have been a three peat except for those cheaters at Duluth. Coach Johnson will be looking to make it 4 of 4 this year, and he will be leading another great group of young women onto the ice.

Assistant Coach Tracey Cornell

Background: Coach Cornell has been w/ the program since its beginning 10 years ago. She played four successful seasons for Cornell back in the 90s and one year of pro hockey over in Switzerland. She plays a big role in the recruiting of the young ladies who eventually skate in the Cardinal and White. She has competed in the Madison triathlon twice in 2006 and 2008.

Assistant Coach Daniel Koch

Background: Coach Koch has been w/ the program for 8 years, and also plays a big role in the team's recruitment. He has a long list of places he coached at before arriving in Madison including several stops at the high school level around the state. He has been coaching hockey in some capacity since 1986.