Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Tom Gilbert preseason update

Several days ago, in a little post about Tom Gilbert, I indicated that his play in the Oilers' first preseason game was a bit off.

Here's what Dan Tencer had to say about the Gilbert's first preseason game this season:
Tough night for the blueline. Bryan Young was caught out of place on both Vancouver goals and Tom Gilbert had a costly giveaway on one of the goals as well. Gilbert and Grebeshkov are a solid pairing that were relied upon to play a few too many minutes because of the roster iced last night...not worried about their regular season play at all.
And here's what Tencer had to say about Gilbert's most 2nd preseason game:
Tom Gilbert and Denis Grebeshkov looked much more comfortable than they did on Tuesday night in Vancouver. On Tuesday they were the go-to pairing and were relied upon to play plenty more minutes than usual; on Thursday, Smid, Staios and Strudwick were also in the lineup so it eased the burden on 37/77 and allowed them to slide into a more comfortable place minute-wise and situationally.
I don't want to know what he has to say about tonight's game. In his 3rd preseason game, Gilbert had 4 giveaways in a 4-0 loss to Calgary.

Of course it's just the preseason, so no big deal -- I'm sure Gilbert will be ready when the regular season rolls around.