Tuesday, September 16, 2008

A couple of Badger Women items

Thanks to WHKY Blogger for the heads-up on these items!

  • Erika Lawler will be wearing the "C" this season. Wearing "A"s will be Meghan Duggan, Alycia Matthews, and Jessie Vetter.

  • A little bit late, but yesterday uwbadgers.com posted a release about Badger IronMan participants -- including Badger alumna Mikka Nordby (2004-08), Assistant Coach Tracy Cornell, and Director of Hockey Operations Paul Hickman. Nordby finished 3rd in her division (women 18-24) and 405th overall with a time of 11:29:23. Hickman finished 394th overall with a time of 11:26, and Cornell finished 801st overall with a time of 12:25. There were 2,207 participants, so our Badger representatives did pretty well.

    Member of the Badger Women were on hand to cheer on the competitors, wearing homemade IronFan T-shirts. Click on the above uwbadgers link for pictures!