Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Tom Gilbert

Yeah, I probably should've included this in the below linkorama, but I (gasp) forgot (sorry Tom!). Besides, I never mind giving Tom his own post. (Especially since I keep finding things to edit into this post.)

The Edmonton Journal has a really nice article on Gilbert's upcoming sophomore season, and it has some nice quotes from Gilbert and head coach Craig MacTavish.

OilersTV has a video interview with Gilbert from the 1st day of training camp (Sept 19). Gilbert is excited for the upcoming season and feels more confident after playing a full season in the NHL. He says some nice things about Wisconsin and says he sees himself coming back to Madison each summer.

Gilbert didn't play in Monday's pre-season game, but he logged a ton of ice time (26:57) in last night's game. (Unfortunately, it sounds like he had a few pretty rough shifts. But hey, it's the preseason, and I'm sure he'll get the rust worked off before the season starts.)

Lowetide has a nice little write-up of the Joey Moss Game (Blue/White Game) last weekend. Gilbert was on the losing end with team white but apparently played pretty well:
Gilbert: He had a nice game even on the losing side. His D partner sent him a few grenades and he battled to at least a standoff most of the time. I know it might sound empty but Gilbert's efforts (to me) in a losing cause were almost more impressive because he was on the wrong end of a slanted playing field all afternoon. He was Archie Manning in New Orleans today.