Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Badger Blackhawks

A few more things on Skille/Burish/Dowell that I (gasp) missed this morning . . .
  • Blackhawks TV talked to Jack Skille after his game-winning goal in the Hawks' 4-3 victory over Dallas on Sunday. You can see his goal in the game highlights video -- start watching at about 2:09. It was his first goal this preseason, and he was named one of the 3 stars of the game. Skille has played in 3 of the 5 Blackhawks' preseason games so far. (Photo by Bill Smith from blackhawks.nhl.com)
  • The Third Man In weighs in on Jake Dowell's assignment to Rockford. He wasn't surprised by Blunden, Bickell, or Hambly being sent down, but he was surprised about Jake.
    The only thing I question is sending Jacob Dowell back after just one in-game look while keeping an obviously skill-deficient Evan Brophey around. This makes no sense to me. Brophey was a top scorer two years ago in the OHL but that particular knack hasn’t played itself out yet at the pro level. Dowell, 23, was solid in each of his call-ups last winter and spring and proved he could play a regular shift at both left wing and center on the third or fourth line. On a good team, he projects, at best, as a fourth line center, but this isn’t necessarily a deep group of forwards and I wouldn’t consider Ben Eager, Adam Burish or Craig Adams to be head and shoulders ahead of Dowell in ability. When Pelletier, Brophey, Kevyn Adams and Tim Brent are still in camp, it makes one wonder if the organization believes it’s seen enough and has determined Dowell has already capped his potential. I’d rather see Dowell a time or two again than get another look at Tim Brent. Dowell is a good skater, strong on faceoffs, finishes his checks with intensity and is dependable enough in his own zone that he can be trusted killing penalties. Today’s early demotion may be a blow to Dowell’s confidence.
    Needless to say I'm biased, but I was a bit surprised he was sent down after just 1 preseason game. I wasn't necessarily expecting him to make the opening day roster (although a girl can always hope), but I thought he'd stay up a longer than he did.